Which Animals Can We Expect to See in Yala National Park?

Asian Elephant - Elephas maximus

One of Big Three Animals in Yala National Park. There is around 150-200 Elephants live in Yala NP.The first thing you notice is that the Asian elephant has smaller ears than its African cousin. They are also generally smaller in body size as well. This is possibly an adaptation to living in dense jungle rather than the hot open plains. But there is no big groups. Maximum 6-10 Elephants in One gruop. Normally the eldest female lead the herd while the Males Stay Alone. Also we got some tusker elephants too. Tusker elephants are less than 8% of total population.

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Sri Lankan leopard - Panthera pardus kotiya

Sri Lankan Leopard is the Cleopatra of Yala. Yala B1 has 55-60 of these tree climbing, high speed, Spotted Killing Machines. Yala has the highest leopard density in the whole world. Still it is a huge area. Many people say that you need luck to spot a leopard. But my point of view; 70% of the job will depend on the Guide/Driver s knowladge and spotting ability. Only the other 30% will increase by luck. Therefore sellect the right company for Leopard Spotting.Leopards are Unstoppable, Pretty. You will fall in Love on your first sight. Sunrise and the Sunset is the best times to spot them.

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The Sri Lankan sloth bear - Melursus ursinus inornatus

The Sri Lankan sloth bear (Melursus ursinus inornatus) is a subspecies of the sloth bear found mainly in lowland dry forests in the island of Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan sloth bear is omnivorous. It feeds on nuts, berries, and roots, as well as carrion and meat. One of its main staples is insects, which it removes from rotting stumps and trees with its long, hairless snout. They will turn over boulders and pull away old logs to get at the insects underneath. They have developed over time an adapted lower lip that the bears use for sucking up insects, making a loud hoovering sound as they do so. It rarely kills animals. Yala National Park is a famous place to sight these mammals in Sri Lanka. This is Baloo the bear from the Jungle Book. They both have light coloured noses and long claws for digging. Sloth Bears live mainly in lowland forests but they have been spotted occasional walking around the rocky outcrops contained in the park. Spotting a Bear is all depend on the luck. there is no specific ways to track them down. But early startup will double your chances.

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